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River Road

NEW by Gordon Bubber Jenkinson
Revenge is Universal... The peculiarities and prejudices of small town life and people take center stage in this murder mystery. Public defender Elizabeth Chase finds out how complicated things can get in the seemingly simple setting of small-town Weenee, South Carolina. After attending funeral services for her grandfather, the city girl from Boston soon finds herself in over her head when she is compelled to participate in a murder trial involving a decapitation. The sleepy town is rife with secrets, making things even stranger for Elizabeth as the trial nears its close.

Set in 1978 in the rural South, this novel draws upon the author’s own experiences as a public defender and judge in a small town. As author Gordon “Bubber” Jenkinson examines themes ranging from racial tension and voodoo to drug trafficking and revenge, he reveals that there is little innocence in this rural life. Violence and conspiracy errupt, leading to a shocking conclusion.