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A Few Words About River Road...

"Fast-paced, fascinating, and well written. Bubber wears the ring." - Pat Conroy, author of The Great Santini and Beach Music

"With a name like Bubber you better be able to tell a good Southern story, and Jenkinson has done just that with River Road, a legal yarn as good as 'low-country barbeque and mysterious as root medicine'!" - Ken Burger, national award-winning columnist for the Charleston Post and Courier and author of Swallow Savannah and Sister Santee

"River Road is a Southern thriller that combines all of the necessary elements of intrigue, betrayal, and well-drawn characters who have a few interesting quirks to them. It's a Southern tradition that nothing is what it seems, and Bubber Jenkinson is able to tell a good story without giving away too many clues. Jenkinson's second novel, River Road, is a great follow-up to Live Oaks." - Martha Randolph Carr, national columnist and author of A Place to Call Home